"My pastor actually recommended your material to me when I counseled with him for our marriage problems. He said we should start off setting aside one night a week for lovemaking and trying one new tip from your book each time. Our marriage improved almost instantly and now we have mutually agree to set aside three nights each week and we alternate picking out a new idea that we want to try. Our friends have even commented how much happier we seem to be." – Stanley J. Myakka, City FL

"I wasn't looking to improve my marriage or anything like that. I simply wanted HOT SEX! I discovered I already knew about half the tips but the others I didn't know seem like a lot of fun to try. My p**** will probably fall off with all these new tips but I will be one happy man." – R. C. Valdosta, GA

I've read the 500 lovemaking tips for couples and the thing I appreciate about them the most is that as a christian counselor it is not in any way vulgar or offensive and I can use it to recommend to my clients. – Teri (Christian Counselor) Franklin, Tenesse

Honestly, I thought you tips SUCKED, until I actually tried a few of them. And now, I see. A lot of them are flat-out, amazing, how exciting they are ;) Keep up the good work! – Kevin

"Unfortunately, when I got the book I browsed it once and forgot about it as the "big day" was looming about - was about 9 months away. Well the big day came and it was great but the big night was a disaster! For about the first 5-6 weeks things were awkward and mechanistic even to the point of being unpleasant, then I remembered I had this amazing resource, I read over bits and pieces one day while my wife was out and that night was truly remarkable!… I read that as little as 20% of women reach orgasm by vaginal penetration but my wife has every night this past week. I highly recommend this resource for anyone and I know that my wife does too!" – Sean, East Lansing, Michigan