Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two secrets to give a great kiss

Being a good kisser allows you to experience a very intense sex. For women, a great kiss from a man is able to stimulate her to climax. So, if you can give a great kiss, your wife will surely love you more.

The first secret
Kissing is emotional change and a form of communication between you and your partner. When you want to kiss your wife, you do it with a mind that is filled with love of her. Your wife will be more excited if you always tease to kiss her as her is of you - though to strike her with a smile but you just put the lip. She will feel excited as she imagine you would kiss her wholeheartedly. It can stimulate the imagination of a person.

The second secret
The second secret to give a good kiss is mimic the way your wife kiss you. Kiss her mouth and be aware on how she react while you kissed her. Let her control the activities of kissing. After a while, you kiss her with more aggressive and try to take over the kissing. When you do so, she will feel aggressively give reaction on what you do and will try to maintain control. Eventually both of you will be kissing in a state of sensation.